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Why There Is Still A Question… (David Nathan)

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In the Summer and fall of 2018, many of us who have been for the most part friends and allies in the Gospel, have been subject to a split, it started out as a very human interaction but I am convinced it morphed into a kind of Satanic attack.

We are the ones who have enjoyed the same circles of teachers, and who in large part have left heretical churches to become a kind of informal, grassroots remnant of believers, kind of like David’s cave in Adullam; we were the outcasts, and those who were moved to seek teaching that was deeper and purer and exempt from the heresies of our day.

But in the events which arose when Moriel ministries separated from David Nathan, and in the various debates which swirled around it, there is no doubt in many of our minds, Satan has been given permission to have…

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Disagreement – creation.com

I am reblogging this excellent article by Lisa Cosner of CMI because she graciously but firmly addresses the criticisms coming from Christians , who it seems to me, excercise no discernment in the matter.  She is correct of course when she says the Scriptures divide, and in the pc days we are living in , that is more and more evident among Christians who (inadvertently?) follow the world’s trends. Never has the word ‘Love’ been more misunderstood!


Source: Disagreement – creation.com

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