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Fear of Death & Disease is a Snare

As many of you know , I have been posting what others have been writing about for some time now, because ‘age’ has diminished the levels of research etc that I’m able to give to things I feel strongly about. Things I feel should have attention directed to them, not that I claim in anyway to speak with any authority. I am just an ordinary believer who acknowledges that God, in His grace, opens our eyes to see His truth, especially in these End Times. I am re-blogging this excellent post by Helen because I agree whole-heartedly with what she says here.
The Lord bless and keep you, Eileen

Grain of Wheat


In England we have been under government orders to mainly stay in our homes unless we have a “reasonable excuse” to leave them, and those “excuses” are whatever the government decides at any point in time!  This “house arrest” began around mid to late March 2020 and was sold to the public as a measure to deal with a new “virus” that was supposedly going to kill an horrifically large number of people worldwide.

We were told that if we could lessen the numbers of people catching and spreading this illness until after the winter months, then we would be able to “Save the NHS” from beingbad-breath-2340272__480 overwhelmed with sick people.  They spoke of “flattening the curve” in the numbers of sick people during those winter months and thus pushing this illness back to the warmer months when such viruses normally die down naturally.

And yet, here we are having…

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