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I’ve been reading through the Book of Acts lately , mainly in order to compare todays methods of evangelism with what the early church did. Among other things, I couldn’t help noticing that wherever the Apostle Paul preached the gospel, he started right from the beginning of the story – demonstrating Christ in the Old Testament scriptures. Stephen too, prior to his martyrdom , had taken the Jews back over their history.

In our own day and age, with widespread ignorance about God and the wholesale acceptance of evolution as fact, there is a need when preaching the gospel, or witnessing to individual unbelievers, to be able to present the truth about our origins in a knowledgeable and convincing way. We can then go on to present the gospel of Christ as a needful thing .If people don’t believe in God or are agnostic, they won’t see their need of a Saviour. We have to go back to the beginning to present the root of the problem.

The Apostle Paul started where people were at. When he preached to the Jews there was no need for him to convince them of God’s existence, so he went to the heart of the matter after first reminding them of their history. When he preached to gentiles who worshipped many gods, he didn’t have to convince them of a supernatural world.

Why then is the Creation/Evolution debate so neglected in our churches, when it seems such a key to reaching today’s unsaved masses? Why is it regarded  merely as a secondary issue and nothing to do with the gospel?

Of course I understand and know we are saved simply by believing that Christ died for our sins – that faith evidenced by being born again, but we first have to believe that there is a God who made us!

There are a growing number of [misguided] Christians , known as Theistic evolutionists, who believe God ‘used’ evolution as His method of creation  – but if that were the case, then He surely would have told us so?  It amounts to a lie if the account in Genesis says it took God six days but He really took eons of time. Apart from which, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles believed and taught  Genesis literally.

Theistic evolutionists have a huge problem when it comes to the question of sin, simply because God states categorically that all that He created was ‘good’.  There was a moment in time when the curse of sin entered our world, bringing death with it. With evolution however the bad has always been here and death is accepted as a ‘natural’ thing.

But the truth is that it is the most un-natural thing – death is mankinds’ last and greatest enemy – and the norm is to do everything we possibly can to stay alive!   Why do we grieve so when our loved ones die if it’s so natural? Every fibre of our being shouts out ‘NO’ !

Let me tell you here and now that in all the years I was an atheist, I wasn’t happy to be one ….  in spite of being very happy in my personal life, with a husband who was my soul-mate and two lovely children. And even though our first-born son had spina-bifida and hydrocephalous, it had drawn us even closer together as we faced our difficulties.

But the material world was all there was and I had to face reality and  accept that fact. – after all, Science had proved we came from apes.  I certainly wasn’t aware of any counter arguments to say otherwise. I wasn’t interested in the dream world of wishful thinking that religious people lived in, however comforting that would be. I wanted Truth, and no Scientist believed in God did they??

Leaving aside for a moment, the mysterious workings of a Sovereign God, I might have found that truth sooner had  church people been educated by their Leaders to know the arguments for and against evolution/creation. But how can they defend what they don’t know? Back then [in the 60s] ignorance I suppose could be forgiven – but today, thankfully, there are several excellent Ministries championing the  truth of God’s word and the Creation cause.

But I can’t help feeling really disappointed at the dearth of churches taking regular advantage of the offers of speakers from the likes of CMI for instance. What golden opportunities are missed to equip believers and reach out to the atheist/agnostic with the whole gospel. It could be the first step to their salvation.

In these days of deception, churches would rather follow the way of ‘socialising’ to reach the unsaved. It’s so much easier to invite someone to a picnic or ‘love’ them into the Kingdom. Of course I’m not saying that people can’t be saved that way – it’s just not the scriptural method is it? Why have so many become ashamed of presenting the Gospel truth when it is the power of God to everyone who believes? Romans 1:16

I am a ‘nobody’ when it comes to authority and I’m in no position to tell anyone to do anything whatsoever, all I know is , I am passionate for God’s truth and I love to write about it, in the hope that the Lord may use it to help fellow believers to get better equipped  in these deceptive days. So this is a plea to please take advantage of the information available on creation web sites.

You can receive Creation Ministries International’s [ CMI.uk here] daily email Infobytes, or subscribe to their superb Creation Magazine. They have speakers who will do presentations in your church [Philip Bell/ Dominic Statham/Phil Robinson].

I live in West Sussex [UK] and there is an excellent ministry, The Creation Science Movement, based in Portsmouth [www.csm.org.uk]. You can subscribe to receive their Journal by post . It’s the oldest creation ministry anywhere I believe, founded in 1932.  They have recently re-opened their permanent, free exhibition called ‘The Genesis Expo’ [contact them for opening times]. I would love to visit it myself but I need to rope somebody in for a lift!

There are others too eg Answers in Genesis

with many blessings to everyone,   Eileen



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Is there a better theory for life’s origin[s] than evolution?

In spite of fooling almost everyone [it seems] into believing it is proven fact – including a significant number of theists –  the alternative theory,  that life was originally created by an Intelligent Master Designer,  fits the observable facts much more satisfactorily.

I love cats, so I was looking forward to watching a tv programme last night that studied their behaviour. Of course, true to form, the usual evolutionary explanations and analysis supported the project.

All the interpretations of the data came from the belief  that the cat has evolved and still is evolving from it’s wild ancestry – becoming more and more domesticated as a result of living with humans in their homes. But of course – this isn’t ‘evolution’ in action but simply adaptation to its environment.  A cat is still a cat within the bounds of the cat family and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest they ever evolved/developed from another species or ‘kind’ as the Bible puts it. Nor will it ever grow into anything else [except with Man’s attempted bizarre manipulations] – no matter how long the time-scale evolutionists want to invent. [ you can read about carbon dating methods on the Creation.com web site]

If  a theory is presented as fact often enough , especially by the ‘scientific’ fraternity – then people believe it must be true … what does it matter if we massage the facts occasionally to fit the theory or make fraudulent claims of ‘missing links’ ?  [ The mere fact that they are still missing should give us a clue here]. And while we’re at it – let’s not forget to hold up to ridicule those who believe in a Creator God, so that we can reinforce our bogus case.

True Science should be open-minded and objective but so often these days it begins and ends with an anti-God bias and purely emotional arguments. Both ‘theories’ should be explained in schools/colleges and Universities so that students can make up their own minds from the factual evidence and not from biased opinions one way or the other, and certainly ‘faith’ schools should have the freedom to teach creationism. But in todays world that is highly unlikely.

Not only is evolution the greatest hoax ever foisted upon mankind, but it’s consequences are dire. It robs people of their God-given sense that we are sinful creatures, in need of  His salvation.  The life, death and resurrection of Christ becomes irrelevant and meaningless, and yet His story is the most important and urgent to pay attention to.

Life itself  becomes cheap and valueless under evolutionary/atheistic philosophy – evidenced in the thoughtless killing of the unborn.  I recently read of a ‘tweet’  by Richard Dawkins that:  “with respect to those meanings of ‘human’  that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig”.

Assisted suicide and euthanasia will soon become Law I’m sure, as the Lord’s restraining hand is lifted and He gives people over to what they choose to do. Evolution considers death to be a ‘natural’ thing rather than a tragedy for humankind ….. God made all things good originally and death entered the world through sin. Man is still reaping the fruits of that and the only remedy is the gospel of Christ … but who is listening?

Thank God, for the believer , we know the beginning and the end of the story ….. we know that from God’s word, the Bible.  God has always had a remant of people in the darkest of times and we need Him more than ever as the Bible story comes to fruition and we see it unfolding before our eyes in the land of Israel particularly – but that is for a future blog maybe.

Well – I ‘ve strayed  away from my first musings about cats haven’t I  – but you know how one thing can lead to another…..

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122         That Paragon of all knowledge Richard Dawkins says that the Universe has  ‘no design,  no purpose , no evil, no good , nothing but blind, pitiless indifference’

Prof. William Provine, of Cornell University, says : ‘There is no life after death. When I die I am absolutely certain that I am going to be dead. That’s the end for me. There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, no free will for humans either’.

It looks like they’re living in denial to me …..

I had a conversation with a friend some time ago in which I suggested that if God doesn’t exist then life has no ultimate meaning or purpose. He readily agreed and said in a matter of fact way , that he was quite happy in his belief that life is pointless. There is nothing special about man or the earth- we are simply insignificant  in the Universe – just another planet. I couldn’t help wondering if this was just bravado on his part  ….. the Bible tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things and that God searches our hearts.

The Agnostic doesn’t seem to fare much better. I have a dear friend whose wife died around the same time that my husband went to be with the Lord. He wrote this simply- stated but very poignant poem that sums up that feeling of loss exactly.

One plate, one cup, one piece of toast,

No need to bother with Sunday roast

Awake at five, it’s hard to sleep

Another day, more time to weep

One voice, no sound, no one around

Opinions kept, no one to share

I am just one, no more a pair

Nothing to say, the future’s bare.


Humanly speaking, I really identify with the desolation expressed by my friend. It is all too true , even when the years pass. However, for the Christian believer the story doesn’t end there thank God. I have that wonderful little word HOPE to sustain me and change my outlook. That hope is not the worldly, airy-fairy kind, but the Bible kind, which is a sure anchor and comes with the knowledge of God as Creator and Saviour in my life.

Nobody is born an atheist, it’s something we choose to be as we get older. But we all have that inherent ‘something’ within us that tells us our lives have just got to be more than the physical here and now. Even the atheist has a conscience and knows right from wrong instinctively. The trouble is that conscience can become warped and seared when it is without the guidance and knowledge of God’s will.

Those who claim to be atheists fall into two camps I believe – on the one hand, those who genuinely think there is no evidence for the existence of God and on the other, those who come to their atheism in a rebellious stance toward a God/religion they don’t like. The former think that evolution has proved there is no God because that’s what they’ve been told by ‘scientists’ and the latter have a vendetta [prolonged bitter hostility]  against God from purely emotional arguments rather than the actual evidence.

There are definite evidences of this in Richard Dawkin’s writings. Any alternative theory about origins is grasped at like straws when you don’t want to believe in an Intelligent Creator. Did everything really make itself – no matter how obviously impossible that is? Hmm – they do believe in miracles after all!

Most people though, are content to just amble through life in an agnostic sort of way, with the vague hope that , if there is a God, He will be amicable towards them because they’ve done their best to live a good life etc. But my question is –  where does Jesus fit in and what is His relevance to you?  Well –  that’s the sticking point of the matter, because your response to His Son is what matters to God.

Death comes no matter what your beliefs are and death entered our world through sin [not a popular word nowadays is it?] .  Jesus came into this world to save us from this serious situation and to make certain that we KNOW , if we believe in Him , that when physical death comes , we will have everlasting life.  Is it worth being an atheist/agnostic then?

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. I would rather live and die with that promise, than with the bleak, pointlessness of the unbeliever. It’s a no-brainer to me …. all it takes is a genuine bit of humility to admit you’ve been wrong and deserve nothing , and tell God so. You will have to take that leap of faith of  course – but God is with you if you trust Him. He will fill you with love, joy and peace that you never experienced before. There is nothing you can give Him except your thanks.

Please share your thoughts …..        Eileen

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I watched a James May programme on BBC last night. It aroused my curiosity because I’d read in the Radio Times that –  ‘James explores Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and tries to find evidence for evolution. He explains a link between humankind and cabbages’.

My immediate thought was – that sounds really promising – is he actually going to explain that ‘natural selection’ is not the same as and does not need evolution, because he can’t  find evidence for the belief that one species did, can or does change into another ? I was further encouraged when the programme voice-over stated it was ‘looking for the answers to life’s big questions’  …. so far, so good.

But my hopes were dashed as no free-thinking, objective exploration of the evidence was forthcoming. It was just another look at life with atheistic bias.

James May began with a short bio of Darwins abandoned ambitions in medicine and theology, but no revelation of the emotional trauma that made him turn away from God. He went on to describe Darwin’s famous observations of Finchs’ beaks via ‘natural selection’ followed immediately by the statement that the theory of evolution is accepted fact by most scientists today.

I find that unsatisfactory on two counts – 1) natural selection is wrongly equated with evolution and 2) why no discussion of what non-evolutionary scientists have to say?

The fossil record is presented as evidence for long evolutionary time with the old question ‘What came first, the dinosaur[chicken] or the egg? If you want to see evolution in action look at an egg.’

This is a daft statement to make because, as with all life  the egg is DNA at work and nothing to do with the evolutionary idea that one species evolves into another. I am no scientist but I do try to understand within my limited brain function the findings of actual scientific knowledge – and to my understanding, the genes use pre-programmed information within the DNA to make us what we are.  The fertilised egg reproduces after its own kind  – just as all the evidence shows us.

I found it of note too, that in the BBC quote [above] it refers to ‘humankind’ and that little word ‘kind’ is significant. The Bible account of God’s creation states He made things after their own kind  – there was no cross – over between them. We certainly observe variation – but always within its kind. God created everything in adult form to reproduce. Nothing can survive alone  in an immature, primative form – we all need mothers and fathers !

Regarding the fossil record – I don’t think it’s too sweeping a statement to say that every scientist knows that fossils are formed rapidly by being trapped suddenly in a catastrophic happening eg flood. If some animal or human dies in the normal course of events and is buried the body decays over a fairly short period of time until eventually nothing remains.  The Bible description of the great Flood produced exactly the fossil evidence we have today.

James May admits in the programme that the fossil records present obstacles that seem to contradict the theory that they are millions of years old. Rather than face the obvious  [well, we musn’t believe in God !!]  yet more theories are invented to accommodate their preconceived wishes eg Cambrian Explosion, Punctuated Equilibrium etc.

An examination of death and extinction follows with the statement that ‘ the biggest killer is evolution itself’ – it’s all simply part of the evolutionary processs’.   [- so, get over it].  Why don’t we just gloss over the minor detail that it doesn’t actually explain death at all. Let’s be positive and try to create life ourselves.

Scientists are currently trying to create a living  mammoth from the DNA of a frozen dead one. And apparently in 2010 the first man-made life  was created from bacteria. James May says of course, it needed the DNA plus a host cell to do it, and a completely original life form is still science- fiction. Of course it is, because common sense tells you that something can never be produced out of nothing.

To illustrate further the foolishness of atheistic man, we are told that there is redundant DNA with no purpose – they are ‘evolutionary throw-backs’ – atavisms [ where have I heard that one before – the appendix perhaps?].

Well, if evolution is true and there is no God, then there is no meaning or purpose to anything. The natural conclusion for the thinking person is ‘then why bother and why should I care anyway? ‘The spokespersons of evolution know  the resulting despair that such an outlook  can generate, so they have to try to turn a negative into a positive.

So – what does James May finish with? ‘Evolution has never had a goal – so it takes the stress out of life!’   Really?  I would have thought such a philosophy does the exact opposite. I would ask – given the trials and tribulations that we all have to suffer in this sin-sick world – please tell me what it was all for?  And what about justice … doesn’t that matter?

The bottom line is that you have a choice who you will believe – will you blindly believe evolution because you find your idea of God unpalatable – or will you try to be more objective and examine all the evidence for yourself?  I thoroughly recommend the CMI and other creation web sites linked in my Blogroll at right.  Listen to your conscience – God gave it to you. This could be your first step to a wonderful, purposeful new life.

Many blessings   Eileen

Please leave a comment by clicking on ‘comments’ below – and correct me if I’ve made mistakes in my ‘facts’ .

can never be

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‘ ……. they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.’ 2 Thess 2:10/11

The essence of  brainwashing is to denigrate, ridicule and destroy the old , traditional – and probably in this case , loosely held, beliefs  –  in order to replace and establish the new required belief system.

Today we see the pernicious influence that a generation [or more] of the teachings of evolution have had on whole public institutions, governments, business, education and the media and consequently on to the ‘man in the street’. Evolution is accepted as fact even by many who believe in God – right into the Church itself.

Yes  –  there is a great conspiracy going on – but led by God’s enemy, Satan himself, who, the Bible tells us, will one day rule this world. He will come in the guise of an Angel of Light and will be heralded as a Saviour – but in truth – he is that Man of Sin , the Antichrist .  Hitler was a mere shadow of what is to come, as the German people worshipped him and allowed terrible persecution of their fellow human beings – the Jews [ plus any Christians and others who stood against him]. Hitler was a great believer in evolution , with himself of course at the top of the tree.

But , to return to my subject – the atheist/humanist has become much more aggressively evangelistic for the cause of evolution in the last few years, as they seek to ‘liberate’ people from their ‘religious’ shackles. [note Matthew 11: 28-30] But of course, their ideas about God were way off the mark in the first place .  Had they grasped the meaning of and the reason for the Gospel message, they would have been led into the truth by the Holy Spirit.

One could argue that they have themselves, become so shackled to the mind set of evolution that they are in a straight jacket that they can’t get out of, no matter what contrary evidence is shown to them.  They refuse to debate with scientists who are believers in Creation because they know that they have a strong case, whereas theistic evolutionists are easy pickings for them . The likes of Richard Dawkins do not encourage independent, objective examination of the scientific evidence, especially from the young,  because for them, everything must start from the premise of and utter faith in evolution as fact. And of course – this is how they want their readers and students to approach the subject. The other side of the argument is never presently seriously.

Let me just appeal to reason for a moment. Evolution teaches that the human race is no more than a slightly ‘higher’ evolved animal  – any wrong doing is just put down to our natural instincts – after all that’s what we see in the animal kingdom. But the question is – where did our conscience come from?  Why did music and laughter develop in us? How come we can appreciate beauty and where did our creativity come from? These hardly seem animalistic characteristics and dog-eat-dog, do they? We could add all sorts of other examples of where we are so different from the animals. This evidence  is much more in line with the Bible description of the first man being uniquely made in God’s image, with God-breathed life in him – completely different to the animals.  Evolution would have you believe life suddenly appeared out of nothing and over millions of years developed into our wonderful, complex world. Hardly credible is it? Have you ever noted anything developing from nothing in your life?

Everything in our world is so obviously designed for purpose. Everything we use has been designed and made by someone. Even Richard Dawkins admits that ‘everything appears to have design’  – in which case , the obvious question is  – who designed it? Methinks that’s why some scientists are spending vast amounts of time and money trying to find evidence of life elsewhere in the universe  – maybe we were made or brought here by aliens ?? in that case – who made the aliens?? Yes – it all goes into the realms of more and more fantasy and imaginings instead of facing facts.

Well, to get back to our world –  it seems that with a few exceptions, the whole of mankind is travelling on the evolution road – even ‘religious’ people.  Jesus spoke of two ways  – the narrow and the wide, leading to two different destinations. By default we are on that wide road and heading for God’s judgement. You are more than a mere animal – you have been given a choice to make.  Should be a ‘no-brainer’ shouldn’t it?  The narrow road is the one you  travel with the Lord Jesus Christ – destination Heaven.

A favourite African American song of mine [ we used to be able to call them Negro Spirituals – and always with respect anyway]  –  called  The Gospel Train, urges us to board the train that’s going to Heaven, but you have to reserve your ticket first and be ready to leave. The ticket was already paid for by Jesus when he died on the cross. It finishes with the words – ‘Oh sinner you’re forever lost, if once you’re left behind’  

This world is in a tragic, hopeless, no win situation as the atheist and godly alike do their best to try and bring their own solutions to patch things up. But the truth is – we can do nothing to save ourselves – none of us deserve anything from God. The good news is that God is gracious and merciful and will forgive us, but it must be on His terms and not ours.  ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ John 3:16

             ‘ …… Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him.’ 1 Cor 2:9

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Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits, who forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases  PSALM 103

I know that unbelievers can find religious words a turn – off and sometimes embarrassing in conversation; or the subject itself not even worth bothering about. After all – you’re either brought up to be ‘religious’ or not, according to the tradition of your background and culture – you have been indoctrinated a certain way so you don’t know any better. Therefore what suits you doesn’t necessarily suit me – right?

Well, that view doesn’t take into account the many examples of people who change from one religion to another or from no religion at all, to a deeply held belief in God. Something profound must have happened to them to have caused this serious change – especially in many cases where it brings family or cultural disapproval or dis-ownership and persecution.

It also happens to all sorts of people – there is no particular ‘type’ or ‘personality’, level of education or intellect. [God is no respector of persons in that regard. Acts 10:34]

I think it was mainly this fact that prompted me to do my own search for ultimate Truth. Why does anyone become a believer?

Now, from the point of view of one who has crossed that great divide – I would like to write here about the difference it made to my life – the Before and After.  It isn’t my intention to boost up and draw attention to my own ego, pleasant and therapeutic though it may be to write about oneself, because it can be pretty boring to other people. But what I do hope and pray is that it may draw those of you who are interested enough to read this, into thinking afresh about God and what the meaning of your life can be; especially if you consider yourself a total atheist.

If you want to enter into a debate on any point – please feel free to do so by clicking on ‘comments’. I would love to hear from you.

The Bible says that once we have found God as Saviour in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are born again as a new person – the old passes away and everything becomes new. We are a new creation with a new start. That is a truly miraculous and marvelous thing isn’t it?

We become aware of our sin -nature and our God-given conscience becomes sharpened. We realise we are accountable to God and it makes us far more careful about what we say or do.

That may appear to be a burdensome thing , and it is,  if it’s done illegitimately in the guise of ‘religion’.  Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that we can’t reach God in any other way … that’s why I call religion illegitimate, for we have no righteousness of our own. When we are born of the Spirit of God, He gives us the strength and power to live the Christian life because He loves us. We love Him because He first loved us.It becomes our pleasure and delight in life to love and trust Him whatever befalls us. To obey God as best we are able brings its own rewards – the freedom that comes with forgiveness of sin and a clear conscience.

Of course – I am only human and at times I feel sorry for myself, feel lonely, fret, fuss and worry about things …. but the Lord always reminds me that there is a better way to handle my life, illnesses, troubles and circumstances  – the way of  His Spirit. So I ask Him ‘how’ and He always answers me, either by changing my attitude towards the offending thing or by changing the situation. He gives the peace that passes understanding as  promised in His word.

Our natural software has the default button set at panic/worry/fear, but we can learn to click on to the ‘ Trust Me ‘ button and the sooner the better!

When I was an atheist everything that happened in my life was put down to either good or bad luck. Nobody ever could explain what exactly ‘Luck’ is.  Our first  son was born with Spina – bifida and then developed hydrocephalous. After a couple of operations at six weeks old, his tiny life hung in the balance and we could do nothing but wait anxiously.  I remember a friend suggesting we might try praying.  I knew he meant well, but I felt highly offended that he should suggest such a thing  – I saw it as an insult to my intelligence as he knew full well that I was an atheist.  [The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. Psalm 14:1]    How differently I see things now.

I have an enormous sense of belonging to God and that he is fully aware of everything that happens to us.  I learned through reading the Bible that even the really bad things , things we think we’ll never recover from, are all working together for our good when we love God. He sees the whole picture while all we see is our own small part. God knows exactly what He’s doing – He sees every sparrow that falls and even the hairs on our head are numbered.  I don’t want to be a ‘fair-weather’ Christian – just loving God when life is good and things are going well. I want to love and trust Him all the time, for who He IS.

A truly wonderful thing that happened and surprised me at my conversion was that my physical vision also must have been enhanced in some way , just as my spiritual eyes had been opened, because the natural world around me increased in its beauty for me.  They sky looked so much bluer and the grass so much greener.  Later I discovered I wasn’t alone in this . There is a lovely hymn called ‘ I Am His’  [ Loved With Everlasting Love] written by G. Wade Robinson , which expresses it so well in the second verse:

“Heaven above is softer blue, Earth around is sweeter green, Something lives in every hue, Christless eyes have never seen, Birds with gladder songs o’erflow,Flowers with deeper beauties shine, Since I know, as now I know, I am His and He is mine.”

Would I ever want to go back to my atheistic life?  How could I ?  I know what side my bread’s buttered on !

Bye for now …..

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I don’t want to appear disrepectful to those who are more educated and knowledgeable than I am, but the quotes I’m using in this post from Richard Dawkins seem quite daft to me at times. Of course – it may be that I’m taking them out of context, not having read the actual books etc, but I think they are plain enough. I found them on a web site [ Citatum] , devoted to quotes on various topics. Quotes will be in blue:

“Certainly I see the scientific view of the world as incompatible with religion, but that is not what’s interesting about it. It is also incompatiblle with magic, but that is also not worth stressing. What is interesting about the scientific world view is that it is true,inspiring,remarkable and that it unites a whole lot of phenomena under a single heading” [Times Higher Education Interview]

As a creationist, I’m in whole-hearted agreement with RD, because many of the early scientists [eg Isaac Newton] who observed the Universe and discovered it’s Laws, easily recognised the hand of an intelligent Designer and Maker in all that they saw. The evidence was there  – no problem.

You see – it isn’t the scientific view of the world that is incompatible with religion – it is the Evolutionary view.

RD also says it is incompatible with magic – but on the contrary – his evolutionary view is very compatible with magic.  The Big Bang is an explosion that came out of nowhere causing something to appear out of nothing  – wouldn’t you have to call that magic?  It rather puts me in mind of a Pantomime fairy tale where we have an explosion on stage with a puff of smoke and Hey Presto, something or someone appears out of nothing !  Now that’s Magic!

”  The Universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.”  [ River Out of Eden]

Is RD living on a different planet to me? I’m certain that where I live there is design, purpose, good and evil. As for the  ‘pitiless indifference’  that is the inevitable outcome of his viewpoint ! We might as well all pack up and go home. Why don’t we put ourselves out of our misery and end it all [and many do] if evolution is true?

” We are survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.” [ The Selfish Gene]     Oh no !  –   and there’s me thinking we have the ability, intelligence and will to make choices every day …..

” The genes are master programmers and they are programmimg for their lives”   Ah  –  so it’s the genes who had the Master Plan then? and all this time we’ve been calling the Master Planner ‘GOD’. [of course – this contradicts the ‘no design’  quote ] How can the thing made have made itself?  Doesn’t someone need to have made  the Computer and developed the Programme  – doesn’t logic tell you so?

Consider the adoration and idol worship shown in this quote: ” Living organisms had existed on the earth, without ever knowing why, for over three thousand million years before the truth finally dawned on one of them. His name was Charles Darwin” [The Selfish Gene]  but note this : ” it is almost as if the human brain were specifically designed to misunderstand Darwinism and find it hard to believe“. [The Blind Watchmaker]

             The poor chap can’t find it within himself to admit the obvious – that our Creator God is trying to get through to our thick minds ….  He has given us an inbuilt consciousness of Himself !

Time is not on our side either. Our bodies are not programmed to live forever –  a deadly virus got in the genes and it’s name is ‘Sin’ – not a word used much outside Christian circles these days, but whatever we call it – it is an ugly thing and is the reason why nature is the way that it is. It can also give us a warped view of our origins, for in this natural state we do not want to be accountable to any higher authority and even when we do via ‘religion’, we want to approach God our way. We think we already know it all.  I know – I’ve been there ….

The Lord Jesus Christ said we must be ‘born again’ otherwise we cannot even see God’s Kingdom, let alone enter it.  Will you, like Richard Dawkins, substitute God with Charles Darwin? Is ‘blind, pitiless indifference’ all you have to look forward to?

The good news is that, not only was the universe planned and made by God – He has made it possible for us to know Him as our Father and engage our lives with Him in the here and now.

I cannot ‘prove’ God’s existence to you – but I can guarantee you can prove Him to yourself if you will just take some time out and allow yourself to consider the possibilty. Don’t do it because someone else is saying you should – do it because you owe it to yourself to know the truth. Ask yourself the question- why did Jesus say He is the way, the truth and the life? Make sure you know the answer. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. [if you have genuine scientific queries you would like answers to, I recommend you click on the links to the Creation web sites listed in my Blogroll.]

All of a sudden I feel a follow-up post coming on   –   I would love to tell of the benefits of believing in God !




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What is the real ‘truth’ about evolution and the origins of life and our universe? This side of eternity it can never be proved because it was a one off event, none of us were there and it can’t be observed happening now.

Evolutionary scientists change their minds all the time about origins and the evidence before them and often , when they do that, there is never an apology for getting stuff wrong and leading us all astray. Text books containing all sorts of  known errors and false charts are still apparently used to support the idea that we somehow must have evolved from more primitive  life forms. Evolution is now ingrained in populations everywhere as the unquestionable truth, so who cares about a few mistakes ?  It has become a convenience to believe it – the scientists have done your thinking for you.

Scientists are NOT God and we would do well to remember that  –  they are fallible men and women just like the rest of us. They cannot avoid bringing their own biased opinions into the equation however ‘objective’ they like to think they are. That is not to say that I don’t believe in Science – far from it –  my belief  in and appreciation of true Science is enhanced greatly by my belief  in a Creator God.

In spite of  evolution Theory’s obvious faults, gaps and lack of real evidence, evolutionists hang on to their beliefs no matter what, because to believe in special creation by God would be unthinkable – therefore they don’t consider it seriously at all and so the mind remains closed.

What I find so illogical is that they admit to seeing ‘Design’ everywhere !  Some scientists even call it ‘Intelligent Design’, making themselves unpopular with other scientists who can see the logical conclusion of such thinking – namely that ID = GOD.  The likes of Richard Dawkins dismiss it with  ‘it has the appearance of design’  BUT we musn’t let this fool us because it isn’t really !

Why is it that when archaeologists dig up tiny pieces of pottery or jewellery etc, they immediately recognise the hand of a craftsman at work but when they dig up an equally recognisable piece of bone that can even contain information within it – they do not recognise or acknowledge the hand of  the Great Original Craftsman.  Somehow this piece of bone made itself.  My logic tells me – something that looks designed and made = had a designer and maker.

Carrying on with my logical thought  – compare the teaching of evolution eg  that one form of life developed from a previous one , in a gradual way and over millions and millions of years,  with the actual evidence around us and what do we find?  We find that everything in our world is inter dependent and nothing can exist alone. It therefore HAD to come about as a fully functioning self-contained system, with all its parts working in proper coordination. There are actual working LAWS that govern our universe. Distances between planets etc are measured and orbits followed. Nothing is random. How could it all have happened by chance ??   Everything around and within our planet has been designed to support and sustain the life that is  here. There are life cycles and eco systems in place that just couldn’t have functioned randomly in the past if evolution were true. In fact – the more billions of years it took to evolve , the more impossible it becomes.

That old question of   ‘what came first – the chicken or the egg ?’  is easily answered : the chicken, because a mature male and female of the species were needed to produce the chick. The Laws of nature work that way. God created a mature man and woman to begin the Human race with a mature planet to live on. Those who study DNA etc have come to the conclusion that we all had a common ancestor ! The evidence shows it.

The only reason I can see that would make an evolutionist unwilling to face up to the scientific evidence for God is that they don’t want to be beholden to an Authority higher than their own. They are in rebellion against their Creator.

I think the reason God was gracious to me and able to get through to my stubborn brain eventually was because, although I was an atheist, I used to sometimes find myself thinking [ especially after a head-on with someone]  that yes – it would be wonderful if there really was a God who took an interest in our lives and cared about what happening to us. But I reasoned that because evolution was a proven fact, it was just wishful thinking  and believers were just deluded people.

How glad I am that I now know differently and my spiritual journey, once I decided to take it, resulted in a life-changing encounter with our God in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who said He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

God bless all who read this – believer and non-believer alike  – please feel free to leave any comments, good or otherwise.

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The heavens declare the glory of God …

Psalm 19:1   The heavens declare the glory of God; the firmament shows His handiwork.

Psalm 24:1  The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof: the world and they that dwell therein.

On my way into town this morning, I walked beneath trees thet were thick with clusters of beautiful pink blossom. It took my breath away and I just had to thank and praise God for His wonderful creation. I wished that I’d got my camera with me  –  typical !

I reflected on the way people try to capture the moment, subject or creature – but we miss the mark every time because none of our efforts can ever quite live up to the original  – it’s impossible to duplicate, even for the geniuses among us.

The fact that we are intelligent beings with an innate desire to ‘create’ things is surely evidence that we ourselves are God’s creation, made in His image – just as the Bible tells us.  God created us and our world out of love,  for His and our pleasure. Too bad it’s been spoilt by sin, suffering,ugliness and wickedness  – but there are still remnants and glimpses of what it must have been like here before ‘the fall’ , and we can only guess at how beautiful it all once was. Still –  God has promised a new heaven and earth for those who love Him.

It’s a source of great wonder to me how anyone can deny God’s existence when our world is so full of Intelligent Design. Our own efforts at invention, design and creating useful and lovely things pale into nothingness compared with the Creator’s Works. Scientists who study the world are particularly without excuse if they deny there is a Power at work in life itself that is totally above anything they could think up or imagine themselves. But, happily, there are those among their number who are honest and humble enough to aknowledge and bow the knee to the Creator of all things.

The mere fact that it takes a huge amount of intelligent thought, preparation and physical skill when we want to design/ make anything, not to mention what we call ‘inspiration’, and sometimes ‘genius’, should alert the willingly ignorant among us that our Universe didn’t and couldn’t have made itself  – the Design has to have had a Designer – an Intelligent Mind.  Psalm 14:1  T he fool has said in his heart ‘There is no God’

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