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   My deep desire is for the Lord to use this Blog to reach out to my unbelieving family and friends. I enjoy writing and I am much more comfortable writing than speaking on the phone for instance – but that may be because of my partial deafness.

  God forbid that I should use it as an indulgence or ego trip ! I’ve no idea if any of them read this anyway as nobody ever mentions it.  Even so , I have to relate my own experience as an unbeliever to use as a springboard for what is to follow.

  I knew the gospel story from days spent in Sunday School when my Mum sent me and my sister there to get us out of the house. I have fond memories of singing about Jesus and my cup running over and being  h-a-p-p-y …..  and I knew the story was that  Jesus came to ‘save’  us.   But it was just a story about a good man who performed miracles and said wise things.

  But as I grew into adulthood the words ‘saved’ and ‘salvation’ were just words to be laughed at, as they were carried about on sandwich boards attached to men’s shoulders. I had no grasp of its meaning. I resented the fact that a middle-class church [ Cof E was all I knew] and clergymen with posh voices and a good standard of living had the cheek to tell us working -class folk that we were sinners. I knew full well that I was a good person and not a hypocrite like them [ tongue in cheek].

   So I know that for most people, Christianity comes with a lot of baggage that gets in the way of the simple Gospel message – hence they don’t see the forest for the trees and give up even bothering to look., especially as the world tells them it’s all a lie anyway. No wonder The Lord said we need to become as little children.

   When Jesus walked this earth in Roman occupied Judea [ named Palestina by them after the Philistines, Israel’s enemies] , He had much to say to the religious Jews who faithfully kept their rituals but didn’t really know their God.

   He continually pointed them to the Scriptures in relation to Himself in prophecy. He told them they had become hard of hearing – everything was so familiar to them, they were self-righteous and they just weren’t listening any more. They thought they knew it all.

   Matthew chapter 13 is also I believe , a real commentary on what is happening in our time. The Disciples asked the Lord why He was speaking to the people in parables and He said it was in fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy and because people’s hearts had grown hard. They had closed their eyes and ears to what God required of them. They needed the truth in the form of stories to give them something  to THINK  about.

     Well – I guess that my unbelieving family and friends need parables too, for they surely have shut down on the Gospel message. People  in our western world have  become so familiar with Christianity that they no longer value it – quite the opposite – it has become a thorn in the flesh. Among my own, mention of God is not welcome at all – ‘ don’t try to foist your religion on me !’  Well, yes – I used to think  like that too, but with God , all things are possible and thankfully He saved me 49 years ago when I at last responded to His gospel.

     The Lord was right when He told His followers : ” But blessed are your eyes, for they see and your ears, for they hear”  Matt:13:16

     On a broader front, the evangelical church, which was once the custodian of the true Gospel, has experienced this same lack of interest and so they have tried to take matters into their own hands by becoming more ‘user-friendly’.  They have apostasized from the straightforward, uncompromising word of God to become a social-centred, purpose-driven, corporate – managed church that includes believers and non-believers alike. Fraternising with the world for the sake of a false unity and kidding themselves that the world will love them for it. They forget that friendship with the world is enmity with God. [James 4:4]  The result is that the church sinks more and more into sin itself  – how can it be the light it should be when people can see no difference? The church doesn’t change the world [God changes individuals]  – the world changes the church.

       So, in the hope that my unbelieving reader’s ears and eyes  haven’t grown too dull for the truth to register – and in the absence of my own parables to enlighten –  I will simply repeat the wonderful words of the Lord Jesus to everyone, whether listening or not, for they have proved true for millions of people throughout history. He is throwing you a life-line.

” ….. I am the resurrection and the life: he that believes in Me , though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”  John 11:25,26

” For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16

” He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.  John 3:36

   To those who refuse the grace He offers, it is not good news …..

” I said therefore to you that you shall die in your sins : for if you don’t believe I am He, you will die in your sins” John 8:24

  Our sins and sinful nature were dealt with by Jesus when He died on the cross. We are like the condemned person waiting in our cell, but the wonderful good news is that He has taken the punishment we justly deserve , but only if we believe it.  You will then experience the new birth spoken of  in John chapter 3. Yes – we still die a physical death as all mankind will – but because Jesus rose from the dead we will too.

Let me know your thoughts and email me if you don’t want to go public.

God bless –  maranatha!






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Is there a better theory for life’s origin[s] than evolution?

In spite of fooling almost everyone [it seems] into believing it is proven fact – including a significant number of theists –  the alternative theory,  that life was originally created by an Intelligent Master Designer,  fits the observable facts much more satisfactorily.

I love cats, so I was looking forward to watching a tv programme last night that studied their behaviour. Of course, true to form, the usual evolutionary explanations and analysis supported the project.

All the interpretations of the data came from the belief  that the cat has evolved and still is evolving from it’s wild ancestry – becoming more and more domesticated as a result of living with humans in their homes. But of course – this isn’t ‘evolution’ in action but simply adaptation to its environment.  A cat is still a cat within the bounds of the cat family and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest they ever evolved/developed from another species or ‘kind’ as the Bible puts it. Nor will it ever grow into anything else [except with Man’s attempted bizarre manipulations] – no matter how long the time-scale evolutionists want to invent. [ you can read about carbon dating methods on the Creation.com web site]

If  a theory is presented as fact often enough , especially by the ‘scientific’ fraternity – then people believe it must be true … what does it matter if we massage the facts occasionally to fit the theory or make fraudulent claims of ‘missing links’ ?  [ The mere fact that they are still missing should give us a clue here]. And while we’re at it – let’s not forget to hold up to ridicule those who believe in a Creator God, so that we can reinforce our bogus case.

True Science should be open-minded and objective but so often these days it begins and ends with an anti-God bias and purely emotional arguments. Both ‘theories’ should be explained in schools/colleges and Universities so that students can make up their own minds from the factual evidence and not from biased opinions one way or the other, and certainly ‘faith’ schools should have the freedom to teach creationism. But in todays world that is highly unlikely.

Not only is evolution the greatest hoax ever foisted upon mankind, but it’s consequences are dire. It robs people of their God-given sense that we are sinful creatures, in need of  His salvation.  The life, death and resurrection of Christ becomes irrelevant and meaningless, and yet His story is the most important and urgent to pay attention to.

Life itself  becomes cheap and valueless under evolutionary/atheistic philosophy – evidenced in the thoughtless killing of the unborn.  I recently read of a ‘tweet’  by Richard Dawkins that:  “with respect to those meanings of ‘human’  that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig”.

Assisted suicide and euthanasia will soon become Law I’m sure, as the Lord’s restraining hand is lifted and He gives people over to what they choose to do. Evolution considers death to be a ‘natural’ thing rather than a tragedy for humankind ….. God made all things good originally and death entered the world through sin. Man is still reaping the fruits of that and the only remedy is the gospel of Christ … but who is listening?

Thank God, for the believer , we know the beginning and the end of the story ….. we know that from God’s word, the Bible.  God has always had a remant of people in the darkest of times and we need Him more than ever as the Bible story comes to fruition and we see it unfolding before our eyes in the land of Israel particularly – but that is for a future blog maybe.

Well – I ‘ve strayed  away from my first musings about cats haven’t I  – but you know how one thing can lead to another…..

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122         That Paragon of all knowledge Richard Dawkins says that the Universe has  ‘no design,  no purpose , no evil, no good , nothing but blind, pitiless indifference’

Prof. William Provine, of Cornell University, says : ‘There is no life after death. When I die I am absolutely certain that I am going to be dead. That’s the end for me. There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, no free will for humans either’.

It looks like they’re living in denial to me …..

I had a conversation with a friend some time ago in which I suggested that if God doesn’t exist then life has no ultimate meaning or purpose. He readily agreed and said in a matter of fact way , that he was quite happy in his belief that life is pointless. There is nothing special about man or the earth- we are simply insignificant  in the Universe – just another planet. I couldn’t help wondering if this was just bravado on his part  ….. the Bible tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things and that God searches our hearts.

The Agnostic doesn’t seem to fare much better. I have a dear friend whose wife died around the same time that my husband went to be with the Lord. He wrote this simply- stated but very poignant poem that sums up that feeling of loss exactly.

One plate, one cup, one piece of toast,

No need to bother with Sunday roast

Awake at five, it’s hard to sleep

Another day, more time to weep

One voice, no sound, no one around

Opinions kept, no one to share

I am just one, no more a pair

Nothing to say, the future’s bare.


Humanly speaking, I really identify with the desolation expressed by my friend. It is all too true , even when the years pass. However, for the Christian believer the story doesn’t end there thank God. I have that wonderful little word HOPE to sustain me and change my outlook. That hope is not the worldly, airy-fairy kind, but the Bible kind, which is a sure anchor and comes with the knowledge of God as Creator and Saviour in my life.

Nobody is born an atheist, it’s something we choose to be as we get older. But we all have that inherent ‘something’ within us that tells us our lives have just got to be more than the physical here and now. Even the atheist has a conscience and knows right from wrong instinctively. The trouble is that conscience can become warped and seared when it is without the guidance and knowledge of God’s will.

Those who claim to be atheists fall into two camps I believe – on the one hand, those who genuinely think there is no evidence for the existence of God and on the other, those who come to their atheism in a rebellious stance toward a God/religion they don’t like. The former think that evolution has proved there is no God because that’s what they’ve been told by ‘scientists’ and the latter have a vendetta [prolonged bitter hostility]  against God from purely emotional arguments rather than the actual evidence.

There are definite evidences of this in Richard Dawkin’s writings. Any alternative theory about origins is grasped at like straws when you don’t want to believe in an Intelligent Creator. Did everything really make itself – no matter how obviously impossible that is? Hmm – they do believe in miracles after all!

Most people though, are content to just amble through life in an agnostic sort of way, with the vague hope that , if there is a God, He will be amicable towards them because they’ve done their best to live a good life etc. But my question is –  where does Jesus fit in and what is His relevance to you?  Well –  that’s the sticking point of the matter, because your response to His Son is what matters to God.

Death comes no matter what your beliefs are and death entered our world through sin [not a popular word nowadays is it?] .  Jesus came into this world to save us from this serious situation and to make certain that we KNOW , if we believe in Him , that when physical death comes , we will have everlasting life.  Is it worth being an atheist/agnostic then?

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. I would rather live and die with that promise, than with the bleak, pointlessness of the unbeliever. It’s a no-brainer to me …. all it takes is a genuine bit of humility to admit you’ve been wrong and deserve nothing , and tell God so. You will have to take that leap of faith of  course – but God is with you if you trust Him. He will fill you with love, joy and peace that you never experienced before. There is nothing you can give Him except your thanks.

Please share your thoughts …..        Eileen

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There is no way of knowing who will be reading this post – but my hope and prayer is that it will be of help to those Christians who are having doubts about the whole ‘Charismatic’ scene.  I don’t mean those who are cessationists, but those , who like me, believe the gifts of the Spirit are for the Church until the Lord comes, when we will no longer need them.

When I was first born again, as in John’s gospel chapter 3, it was within the backdrop 0f the CofE way back in the early sixties.  The Curate who was instrumental in my conversion had recently been ‘baptised in the Holy Spirit’ as a mini-revival came to those churches.

It was only after several years had passed that I realised the emphasis had been on the experience itself with its attendant supernatural gifts [much like the Alpha Course is now].  In a way – for the most part  it took for granted that you were already a Christian, bearing in mind that this was the CofE.

Fortunately for me I I knew that I’d been born again by God’s Spirit with my sins forgiven. So, when I was taken to a meeting and  hands were laid on me to receive the Holy Spirit [as was the practise]  I really felt no different , being already full of the love and joy of the Lord.

Ironically , this was the second time I’d submitted myself  to this , as I’d had to go to confirmation classes which culminated in the Diocesan Bishop ceremoniously  laying hands on me.  In both instances I’d done it in obedience to men’s wishes and thereby to God [I thought]  – even though I knew I’d received the Holy Spirit when I was first saved. But – it was explained to me that this was a ‘sealing’ on the one hand and a gateway to  the gifts on the other.  How mixed up was that?

With my husband’s situation it was different however, as he had become a ‘seeker’ after witnessing the change in my life.  So it was that we’d been invited to a church meeting, specifically to receive the Holy Spirit.  After the preaching, an invitation was issued to stay behind for prayer with the laying on of hands.  There was then a bit of confusion about who was staying or leaving and my husband found himself accidently in the seated line of people waiting to be prayed for.

When the Minister got to him , to give him his due – he did ask my hubby if he was saved and Charles told him he wasn’t sure but he certainly wanted to be.  The Minister then said that the laying of hands often cleared any uncertainty up.

My husband described what happened next as a mini electric shock going through him and tingling in his hands, together with being filled with God’s love towards him and I believe he began to ‘speak in tongues’ then.  He knew that he’d been born again and both our lives were never the same again as we followed the Shepherd of our souls together.

Of course, now we came under the label of  ‘charismatic christians’ , our enthusiasm and yearnings for the gifts of the Spirit grew and we went to as many meetings as we could [ having a young family and commitments].  The meetings were usually of the huge ‘revival’ kind , with the emphasis on healings and the miraculous for the already saved rather than an actual influx of convicted unsaved souls into the church. The situation is exactly the same today.

It was many years and several denominations later that we began to question this emphasis on supernatural experiences – some of which seemed to have no point to them at all!  All in all, apart from the gift of tongues, I don’t think we personally experienced any ‘instant’ healing and certainly no ‘miracles’.   If anything it had ill-equipped us to endure patiently and it could be very frustrating at times. There seemed to be an on-going conflict between what was being preached, taught and prophecied and the actual realities of every day living , especially when we began to find out the ungodly behaviour and outright sins in the lives of some admired Evangelist or other. Some of it had been covered up for years.

We had been guilty of putting certain preachers on pedestals simply because their ministries had seemed so blessed by God , avidly buying their books and tapes and following their teachings. We never questioned some of their millionaire lifestyles … so different to the Lord and His Apostles. Thank God that He reminded us of His truth.

One thing we did get in our early christian walk was a grounding in the great traditional Bible doctrines. I’m not sure that it happens now. All the famous preachers/evangelists/prophets of today claim they are teaching bible truth don’t they?  Well – they may use the right words but often the meaning of those words is totally different to what you think. The cults are masters at this deception and I’m afraid the same subtlety is used in the church now. Scriptures are quoted out of context or given different slants in order to back up the message, and the unsuspecting will fall for it.  To criticise is negative and we only want positive build up and self-esteem. Well – there’s plenty of that around isn’t there? No wonder the Lord said we must be wise as serpents!

Sadly I still have friends who are caught up in it all and are convinced it is me who is wrong.  Well the Lord knows and we must all follow our God-given conscience , speaking of which – one thing I found is that in the first stages of indoctrination into anything new or alien, for the true believer there comes a niggling doubt, something doesn’t seem quite right. When this happens we either listen to our conscience and query it with said preacher, check it out with scripture, then maybe another person or a testimonial or two;  or we merely check with the preacher and accept their explanation, however unsatisfactory or dismissive it may be [ because we like /respect them as people]. This seems to be the point at which we get more and more entrenched in error.

Because of this lack of care for the truth, the ecumenical mind-set has taken hold of the evangelical church so that all error is embraced rather than seperated from as the Scriptures command us to do.

In these end times we can take courage, for the Lord and His Apostles warned us beforehand that it would happen and He is at work in us to deliver us from confusion and is strengthening our hearts as we seek constantly to abide in Him and His truth. Who else is there to turn to?  We need His pruning to bring forth the fruit of the Spirit in our lives : LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, MEEKNESS, TEMPERANCE   Gal.5:22


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There are times when I want to write about a matter, but I hardly know where to begin. This is a particular instance where there are all sorts of avenues to explore , but the main one seems to be the role of Catholicism.  A friend alerted me to a Sid Roth broadcast refering to the newly elected Pope.

For those who may not know, Sid Roth has a TV programme called ‘It’s Supernatural’, and this particular broadcast is of an interview with Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. And talk about stuff to ‘tickle the ears’ !  Sid Roth believes these guests  have been ‘hand picked by God’ to research their subject.

They reveal the existence in the Vatican Library of a 900 year old document by St Milachy listing names and prophecies cncerning 112 Popes, which they believe have been fulfilled with stunning accuracy.  Pope Francis is apparently the last Pope on the list  – proving that we are in the Last Days.

He is the Pope of the great tribulation, when there will be great persecution of the Catholic Church. [ this makes the RC Church the victim not the perpetrator!]

My first question is – should a true Bible believing Christian look to outside sources predicting future events – however ‘accurate’ they may appear?  Tom Horn and Cris Putnam certainly think it’s ok to do so. Cris Putnam talks of taking St Malachy’s list seriously because of its accuracy.

I found the whole interview very confused and muddling to listen to at times because it’s difficult to know exactly what they’re endorsing and what they’re not, or even who’s side they’re on.

Much time is spent talking about Vatican belief in Aliens and their technologically advanced Telescopes  set up in Arizona – one in particular called ‘Lucifer’ because of its special infra-red camera eye looking for other worlds.

They quote Vatican Astronomer Guy Cossolmagao as saying the nations are going to look to the Aliens for salvation. Secret Vatican files reveal that Jesus could be the son of a Star Child – an Alien Intelligence. The Virgin birth was an alien abduction scenario and Jesus will return to earth as an alien.

Now, the confusion arises for me because, although TH and CP , I presume, do not believe this themselves , and they do believe UFOs, abductions and the like are demonic … none-the-less they relate supernatural things they have experienced themselves – including seeing UFOs !!

Tom Horn says a lot of Christians are seeing UFOs [ which is very worrying if true] . They are saying Aliens are on earth now and moving in and out of our reality and they include human hybridivity …[ I seem to recall reading some such scenario by Chuck Missler ?]

Apparently these vatican files reveal information coming from these other worlds that will mean a re-writing of the gospel as we know it ….  I find that almost laughable when the Catholic Church doesn’t preach the true gospel anyway !

TH and CP believe this is a huge deception of course, but they seem to believe it is just the RC Church that is to be deceived in these last days ….. oh what a tangled web.

Sid Roth and his guests , confusingly, also seem to have a high regard for Catholicism. CPs education, if I heard right, was by both ‘Catholic and Protestant Reformers’ and Sid Roth adds a seperate little video testifying of his gratitude to Roman Catholic Charismatics. He says , as a new Jewish Christian, he needed ‘mentoring’ and the greatest blessing in his life came from RC Charismatics,  adding ” don’t you try to tell me they weren’t saved – they were as saved as any protestant.  They taught me things of the Spirit that I even teach to this day”    The mind boggles !!

If they were saved, why did they remain within a false system that doesn’t preach the gospel?  it is a betrayal of those ex-catholics who do leave and suffer persecution for it, not to mention those martyrs burned at the stake so long ago.

For an overall view of the history and current aims of the Catholic Church pay a visit to ex-priest Richard Bennett’s web site http://www.bereanbeacon.org and read his article Pope Francis Elected, Mystery of Iniquity Continues.

many blessings,   Eileen

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Let me say right at the outset of this post that I still believe  God equips his church with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but I thank Him that I no longer walk in the realms of hyper-charismatic ‘Revival’ and ‘healing’ crusades [ maybe that’s an old-fashioned term and they call them something else now?]  where no questions are asked – everything simply accepted as the work of God.

God forbid that I should make excuses for myself , but as a young Christian I just took it for granted that the Leaders/Pastors/Teachers/Evangelists were holy men of God who were guiding me into truth. Of course – the ones who taught me to believe and rely on Scripture were. I also received instruction from some not to accept every voice/ impression as the voice of God, but to test the spirits.

From the mid-sixties through to the seventies I think the most controversy I ever experienced  was over the role of women in the church and head coverings!  I was for the most part blissfully unaware that I was getting any wrong/bad teaching because we were all being swept along with the excitement of this ‘new thing’ that God was doing.  We rejoiced in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the fact that even the traditional CofE and RC churches were being blessed with it. It seemed a bit ‘odd’ – but who were we to question what God was doing. I fully expected these dear people to leave the said churches when enlightened.

However – as my husband and I grew in Christian maturity we began to realise that all was not well and started to question things. Over the years whenever we shared our misgivings they were rejected until eventually for our own spiritual well-being we had to leave  and found ourselves without a sound church to belong to.

That was many years ago and it grieves me that back then we’d already led new Christians into that excessive charismatic scenario. What saddens me is how invasive the false teachings have become and how admired those Leaders who promote them are.

Because I don’t have much, if anything, to do with hyper-charismatic churches now, I tend not to have anything particular to say about them. However, occasionally I have something sent to me or mentioned in conversation in a favourable way – as if I must be in agreement with it – that forces me to look something up and revisit old ground. This is where the internet keeps me up to date.

I have forced myself to listen to podcasts and watch videos on YouTube, but overall I find they are prophesying and claiming things very similar to the ones from way back when. Mainly that God is about to do many unusual healings and miracles all over the country. God’s Kingdom is coming to earth just as it is in Heaven.  He is restoring Apostolic Ministry. This of course is pure Latter Rain, Kingdom Now theology [previously thrown out as heresy by the AOG].

I couldn’t help but notice that the audiences in the videos I watched are more cheering, whistling and whooping it up than I ever remember in my day. Crowd manipulation is rife – just as it is in the world and it seems we are partying big time gratis the holy spirit ! How anyone can think this glorifies God is beyond me. Whatever happened to sef-control and a meek and humble spirit ie  the FRUIT of the Spirit ?

I don’t say this in a ‘holier than thou’ frame of mind, but with fear of the Lord in working out my own salvation : I praise and thank God that my righteousness is in the One who died for me and not in myself.

Those who speak out against the errors and excesses are brushed aside [or worse] as being divisive and judgemental and committing the sin of not going along with what God is doing, plus maybe having a ‘religious spirit’. But my response is ‘what better way for Satan to keep Christians in fear and from finding the truth of the matter?’ Not to mention allowing these Leaders to ‘get away with it’. It would never have been  ‘tolerated’ in the early church.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in the Truth to read Kevin Reeves book ‘The Other Side of the River’.  He has a web site of the same name which is well worth a visit. [Link at right side]

Please feel free to comment [by clicking on comments above]  or ask questions as I’m never certain whether I’ve explained myself properly or missed out relevant points.

Many blessings,     Eileen

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No  – this isn’t a treatise on the ‘Lamentations of Jeremiah’  – but it’s my own lamentations on the condition of the world and the church.

I’ve been a Christian long enough now [49 years] to have observed how much has changed during that time. I wish I could say ‘for the better’, but sadly from a moral point of view that isn’t the case.

As the belief in evolution and therefore humanistic atheism has become more and more ingrained in peoples’ minds, so their lives have become less and less governed by absolutes.

From a simple understanding of God as the ultimate Authority and the Ten Commandments as the moral code to live by, it seems we are now free to pick and choose any philosophy that takes our fancy. If we do happen to have some remnant left of ‘God’ – He certainly isn’t the Biblical one as the Bible is just a book of myths , so God becomes what we imagine him to be. Truth hardly matters does it? What is truth?

The vacuum or space left by this removal of our Creator has to be replaced and filled by something – anything, so as to give some semblance of meaning to our lives. The likes of Richard Dawkins pronounce life to be bleak and pointless – but even he has to give purpose and meaning to his own existence by making it his fervent ambition to rid the world of ‘religion’.

The traditional British ‘stiff upper lip’ has had its day – psychology decrees it’s bad for us to repress things so we must now let it all out – the more tears, hugs and kisses, the better. This all seems to lead  into a sort of mass romanticism  – evident in the many sentimental emails that ‘do the rounds’ with veiled hints of  stopping the blessings if you don’t send them on to others. They are totally unrealistic but they make us feel good.

This spills over into weddings and funerals too. I go to more and more of the latter these days and boy, has there been a change!  It’s good to lighten the load of course , but favourite pop songs replace hymns and the mourners ‘pay their respects’ , but there is no real certainty of an after life – only vague references to the deceased person ‘looking down’ on us or somehow carrying on doing ‘up there’ what they always did ‘down here’.   At weddings [not that I’ve been to any for years] the bride and groom make sentimental [ and easily broken]promises to each other  – there are no binding vows made before God anymore  – except for true believers. Of course – like christenings, the clergy collude in it all.

Many give meaning to their lives by engrossing themselves in various hobbies and activities and if they can support a charity at the same time – so much the  better. If you’ve been blessed with a sense of humour and quick wit you can just laugh your way through life and cheer up others as you go, or you could help people going through a difficulty you have experienced yourself.

All these things are admirable and give meaning and purpose in an otherwise ‘orrible, sad world. But when all things are ended and you depart this life – what then? What’s it all been for? Has it all been one big senseless struggle?

And what about justice?  Do the murderers , paedophiles, the cruel, the cheats and the liars who have never been found out simply get away with it?  And lets not forget to include ourselves in this list  – according to Jesus – if we commit a sin in our minds we have done it for real. Not one of us is sin-free, even though we think we’re not that bad. But either way – don’t we all cry out for justice to be done?

The Bible has proved itself to be true in every respect and it is when mankind deviates from its teachings that things go wrong for society. Our laws were based in the Judeo/Christian revelations from God Himself , but gradually things are being turned on their head  – the latest to do with the meaning of marriage. And who would ever have thought that the government would allow Sharia law to practise legitimately in certain instances in our country?

My lament is that much of the Church [ except for a relatively few truly Bible-based churches] has become like the world and absorbed it’s practises and beliefs into its own – so much so, that anyone speaking up for the authority and infallibilty of God’s word is regarded as a naive fundamentalist who won’t face up to the ‘facts’ and move on.

Well – we are surely living in the time that the Bible warned would come  – perilous times when right will be wrong and the truth will be a lie; when people will love themselves [rather than love God and their neighbour] ; they will be proud and boastful and rebellious. They will also mock and despise believers.

However –  Christian believers have an anchor in Christ their Saviour and have a mission to fulfill while here on earth – that of bringing the good news of the gospel to those who are willing to listen. If you happen to be one of them and have questions – I urge you to seek God  and trust His word. We are alienated from God by our sin.  He sent His Son Jesus into the world to die in our place so that we can be forgiven and live with Him in eternity. Eternal life is a free gift given by God – there is nothing you can do to earn it, simply  believe and repent .

” And this is the record, that God has given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that has the Son has life; and he that has not the Son of  God has not life. These things have I written to you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may believe on the name of the Son of God.”   1 john 5:11-13


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