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I guess this is a somewhat unusual thing for me to be blogging about – but , as a regular user of Paypal you get the occasional email from them. I received one the other day which made me quite incredulous ….

Linked to the email was an article on their website dated 27th June 2013.  After the initial self-praise for their Global success and achievements, it seems their ambitions are now turning to Outer Space  – no, not investments in sending up rockets, but making sure they will be there for us all , facilitating our transactions for tourism between Space Hotels and the like and Planet Earth!

In 2016 apparently the first  Space Hotel will be in orbit thanks to Virgin Galactic and Space X.  Not only that, Paypal anticipates us ‘inhabiting other planets’ and therefore claim to be the only company currently poised to deliver payments outside of our planet  … in what they describe as these ‘new and exciting times’.

The article mentions astronauts  living on space stations today, needing to pay for life’s necessities from their bills back on earth and that everything is in place for such a system. Confusingly they then go on to say  they hope to find the solutions to address these challenges, supported by  the scientific community and other technology companies as they go out into the solar system and beyond. So – is it in place and on the verge of happening or is it simply an ambitious dream? They end by saying they want to make space a commercial reality.

Do I see the word ‘Greed’ written on the wall? Big business falling over itself to be the first ; speculating to accumulate?  Before sending the Flood, didn’t God say that every imagination of the thoughts of  mankind’s heart was only evil continually? [Genesis 6:5] and in the days when the human race all spoke the same language and they got the idea of building a Tower up to the stars that didn’t God say ‘ nothing would be restrained from them [ie they would set no boundaries]  in their imaginations to do.? [Genesis 11:6] So He confused their language and communications and scattered them apart from each other.

It seems to me that mankind is following the same old pattern again and trying to make the world One [for commercial gain]. Not content with the planet God has specially made for us , man has foolishly set his sights on other habitations.  Global communications have again made us all of one speech and ‘nothing is restrained from us’ . Will God again confound and judge mankind soon – this time by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ?  You can’t help but think so can you?

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